Welcome to Digital Heroes

Welcome to the new Digital Heroes website. This new site represents roughly 25 years of online sales evolution for us. We made the decision to move our site to the Shopify/BinderPOS system to allow us to showcase a larger variety of products and for the integration with our storefront via a new point of sale (POS) system. Our goal to is ultimately showcase every item in our storefront on our website as well. 

As you shop our new website, please keep the following in mind: We had our product information from the old website migrated over. While this was mostly a smooth experience, some items didn't transfer well. We've lost most of our secondary pictures - backside of cards, etc. We also found some of our $1000+ items listed for $1. And no, we won't honor pricing errors - sorry! I'm sure there are plenty of other little wrinkles that will need to be ironed out so please bear with us as we work them out.

What you need to know: Not everything is 100% accurate and up to date but we are doing our best to make it so. Please be aware that if you try to purchase an item that has an inaccurate price or quantity, we will let you know and likely cancel your order. We can only improve the site if you let us know about the errors, so please contact us or drop us an email if you spot something that seems off or wrong.