Avengers Assemble (2nd Series) 5 HC NM

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    Written by KURT BUSIEK Penciled by ALAN DAVIS, MANUEL GARCIA, KIERON DWYER, BRENT ANDERSON, IVAN REIS, PATRICK ZIRCHER & YANICK PAQUETTE Cover by ANDY KUBERT Kurt Busiek's most stunning Avengers saga, collected in its entirety! Devastation, drama and death leave no Avenger untouched when Kang the Conqueror finally meets his goal of conquering the world alongside his son, the Scarlet Centurion! As Atlanteans, Deviants and Sentinels enter the fray, heroes from around the world and across the galaxy unite - but the Avengers' best allies may be the enemies who want Earth for themselves! Secrets are shared and societies shaken in the war to win the world! Collecting AVENGERS #41-56 and AVENGERS ANNUAL 2001.

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