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    MAY 19 360 PAGES / FC $34.99 story JOE CASEY art & cover TOM SCIOLI Finally, the wait is over! BOOK TWO in the Eisner Award-nominated CELESTIAL EDITIONS is here! See how the greatest cosmic superhero epic of our time was taken to even higher levels of surreal splendor! See Commander Adam Archer, Maxim, Basil Cronus, Nickelhead and more in all their oversized glory! Is there any other book that delivers the Savage Sting and the secret of the Infinity Tower? Not in this universe! Where else are you going to see Lucky in all of his glory? Only GØDLAND has the pure, storytelling power to scratch the greatest itch you ever had! Collects GØDLAND #13-24, plus tons of cosmic-powered extras! THE CELESTIAL EDITION HARDCOVER IS THE MAXIMUM FORMAT TO EXPERIENCE THE GØDLAND SAGA! BIGGER IS BETTER!

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