Help Wanted

Help Wanted

We are currently accepting applications for a comic book expert!

Digital Heroes is actively seeking part time employees for up to 20 hours per week paid at the rate of Washington state’s current minimum wage. Employees must be available to work flexible hours and weekends. Employees will typically have 2 days off each week. Employees receive a 15% discount on all merchandise.

Employee must have knowledge about comic books! This includes the ability to correctly identify, accurately grade and price comics in the current online marketplace. Additionally, trading card, gaming & pop culture collectible experience is a plus.

Employee must be at least 18 years of age and hold valid state/federal issued photo identification and social security card.

Potential employees may be required to pass a background check, credit check and/or drug testing before a position is offered.

Interested candidates must submit a resume with 3 references along with answers to the following questions:

  1. Which position are you applying for, how are you qualified and why do you want to work for Digital Heroes?
  2. What unique skills or perspectives can you bring to the DH team that will help strengthen our overall business?
  3. Employee must have knowledge and experience in one or more of the following areas: Comics, Cards, Games, Toys. Please share about your experiences using, selling or collecting the products we sell.
  4. Employee must have basic computer skills with Microsoft Office and web searching/browsing. Data entry is a large part of this job. Digital Heroes uses MS Word, Excel and Access. Web and database programming are a plus. Please describe any experience you may have in this area.
  5. Please describe any additional skill, experience or information not detailed above that you believe would benefit Digital Heroes if we were to add you to our team.

Please describe any additional skills or experience you may have in the following areas not detailed above:

  • Grading and pricing cards, comics or other collectibles.
  • Using a cash register and/or POS system.
  • Photoshop, scanning and editing images.
  • Buying and/or selling items on eBay, Amazon, TCGPlayer and other sites.
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Which sites do you use?
  • Streaming video (YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.)

 Please submit all materials to This position will remain open until filled.